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Calmerry: Revolutionizing Corporate Mental Health

Calmerry is an online therapy platform revolutionizing corporate mental health, empowering employees, improving productivity, and establishing a healthier work environment. With personalized support, flexible therapy options, and positive results, Calmerry leads the way in employee well-being.

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Pioneering Visionaries: Influencers Revolutionizing Broker and Employee Benefits Consulting Best Practices

As the corporate wellness industry continues to evolve, visionary influencers are driving revolutionary changes in broker and employee benefits consulting best practices.

Wellness Korea: The Landmark of Korea’s Largest Medicinal Herb Market

Seoul Yangnyeongsi was formed around Cheongnyangni Station in the 1960s. It was advantageous to import medicines produced in the inland mountainous areas where the central railway passes.

Excellent Dental Services in South Korea

The delicate and accurate dexterity of Koreans is well known in several fields. In particular, medical and scientific technologies that require sophisticated hand techniques.

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Corporate Wellness: Uniting Workaholics, Couch Potatoes, and Kale Crusaders

Corporate wellness: the magical land where meetings are replaced with yoga sessions, vending machines burst with organic fruit, and the water cooler is a hot spot for discussing mindfulness.

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The Value of Perceived and Objective Health Data in Health & Wellness Programs

Health risk assessments (HRAs) vary in length and the depth and breadth of the content they cover. They typically focus on objective measures that are captured via observation, tests, or physical examination, including biometrics.

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“Corporate Wellness Should Not be a Fringe Benefit, But a Necessity in the Workplace” - Shawna Bowen, CCWS Graduate

Shawna Bowen MA., CCWS, NBC-HWC, ACE, a recent graduate of the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist Program.

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“Creating wellness programs is bigger than health fairs and presentations” - CCWS Program Graduate Valerie N. Pogue

Corporate Wellness Magazine recently sat with one of the graduates of the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist Program on her thoughts about the recent shifts in the corporate wellness industry.

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The Future of Corporate Wellness: An Interview with Corporate Certified Wellness Specialist Program Graduate Michael Brantley

The Corporate Wellness Magazine recently sat with Michael Brantley, a graduate of the program to share insights on the current trends in corporate wellness and what to expect in the future.

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The Future of Corporate Wellness: An Interview with Graduates of the Corporate Certified Wellness Specialist Program

The Corporate Wellness Magazine sat with a recent graduate of the Corporate Certified Wellness Specialist program, Michelle Lauren.

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“Wellness Programs Need to be Data-Driven and Measurable” - CCWS Graduate, Susan Van Hoosen Discusses the Future of Wellness with Corporate Wellness Magazine

CWM recently met with one of the graduates of the program, Susan Van Hoosen, to discuss the seismic shift disrupting the corporate wellness industry and what the future holds.

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Corporate Wellness Magazine Talks Wellness Disruptions with Mary Toland Shaw, CCWS Graduate and Leading Health Coach

In this interview, CWM speaks with Mary Toland Shaw, a leading health coach and a recent graduate of the CCWS about the future of corporate wellness.

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Workplace Wellness and Your Employees: An Interview with CCWS Graduate Kendra Julien, MPH

Corporate Wellness Magazine sat down with one of the recent graduates of the program, Kendra Julien to discuss the ongoing transformation in the corporate wellness space.

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CCWS Graduate Kamilah Exum Shares Insights into How Corporate Wellness Programs must evolve in the New Normal

In this interview, CWM talks with Kamilah Exum, Principal Consultant of Exum Consulting and a graduate of the CCWS Program.

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