What Insurers Want You to Know About Wellness Plans

Effective Hiring Tips for Choosing the Right Candidate

Dianna Howell - in Features

Countless young people are joining the workforce nowadays after years and years of superior education. This has produced a generation of ambitious individuals that could be great assets for any business. As a recruiter, it is your responsibility to spot them…

Symbols of Health and Icons of Corporate Wellness

Lawrence Engler - in Selling & Marketing

Since corporate wellness is a catchall for so many things, the challenge rests not with expressing each idea but encapsulating all relevant ideas in a powerful way. Doing so is more about visual command than verbal control, meaning if a company seeks to promote…

Coworkers eating lunch together

Practice, Program, Policy: A step-wise approach to foster wellbeing at work

Leanna Lilly, MS, PHR, CCWS - in Worksite Wellness

Creating a culture of well-being within an organization is a big job and takes time, money and support. Recently, I was introduced to a new concept from the not-for-profit world, “Pledge the Practice, Pass the Policy.” The idea is simple: pledge to act…

A women fighting depression at work

Visual Acuity: About an Acute Threat to Vision

Micheal D. Shaw - in Worksite Wellness

Eyestrain is a strain on wellness in general and corporate wellness in particular. How we work, continually in front of screens––from computers to phones to tablets––is cause for concern. One such concern is myopia, often called nearsightedness, in…

5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Mental Health

Dr. Neil Leibowitz - in Mental Health

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we often focus solely on our physical body. However, maintaining your mind is just as important. According to multiple studies, focusing on your mental health can improve your immune system, increase your productivity,…

Calmness of Mind and Wellness of Body

Lawrence Engler - in Mental Health

Having a job is a great way to combat financial stresses and keep your life afloat. But going to the office every day for 8 hours at a time can add unexpected stress to your life. A benefit and curse of having an office job can also be the people you work…

The Legal Case for Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Features

Lawyers who champion corporate wellness are champions in their own right. They give companies a reason, which is more a matter of moral justice than a mandate from our judicial system, to create—and popularize—a program that empowers workers by educating…

Innovating Low Back Pain Management in the Workplace

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Features

American workers are no stranger to low back pain (LBP). Over 80 percent of Americans experience at least one episode of LBP over the course of their lives, and nearly 1 in 4 workers report LBP--making it a top reason to seek primary care. The nationwide…

Building Resiliency in the Workplace Enhances Health and Wellbeing

Leanna Lilly, MS, PHR, CCWS - Health Management Specialist, Keenan - in Mental Health

We all experience stress in our daily lives. From raising families and managing finances to juggling schedules and caring for loved ones. And that’s all before we set foot into the office in the morning. When we arrive at work, we have emails piling up,…

How Corporate Social Responsibility Connects Us to Consumers

Catherine Hernandez-Blades, Chief Brand & Communications Officer at Aflac - in Others

Long gone are the days of disengaged consumers, whose allegiance is garnered merely through coupons and loyalty programs. Today’s customers are increasingly sophisticated and selective. They like to keep their finger on the pulse of the companies with which…

Leaders, Employee Well-Being Starts with You

Rebecca Johnson - in Worksite Wellness

Whether your company is considering wellness initiatives or has a solid program already in motion, the most important thing you can do for your employees’ well-being is to focus on your organization’s culture. Health fairs, onsite yoga and healthier food…

Energy Medicine: Managing Your Energetic Environment to Master Your Life

Dr. Sue Morter - in Features

Science is showing us that everything is energy - including you!  Everything in the universe is comprised of energy vibrating at different frequencies. This energy manifests from subtle, unseen frequencies, to the realm of dense physical matter depending…

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