Corporate Wellness Disruptors celebrated at the Well-being 100® Awards Ceremony

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

The Well-being 100® awards program, administered by The Corporate Health & Wellness Association, unveiled their listing of the "Top Well-being 100™ Professionals” at HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION®, Orlando, Florida, which brings together human resource…

Is Your Office Keeping Up with the Evolving Workplace?

Chris DeMeo - in Others

It may surprise some readers, but just like fashion and music, workplace designs can go in and out of style. The open office floor plan was the ‘hot’ office trend of the 2000s. In an attempt to build a more collegial atmosphere, organizations replaced…

Coworkers eating lunch together

Tips to Increase Your Employee Engagement at No Cost

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Focused

It goes without saying that when employees are not engaged at work, their performance and overall productivity, as well as that of the organization, plummets. When employees are engaged, they go about their work with so much enthusiasm and commitment that…

A group of senior business people

Fostering Gender Equality and Diversity in the Workplace

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Focused

It’s been about 50 years since the mass arrival of women into the corporate workforce and the first equal pay laws were passed, and 20 years since companies designed the first gender diversity plans, but women continue to be largely underrepresented at all…

Striking Oil: Clarity About CBD Oil

Lewis Fein - in Focused, Mental Health

For all the excitement about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, for all the scientific research concerning cannabinoids in general and CBD oil in particular, now is the time for heightened awareness—now is not the time to enjoy a natural high from marijuana—because…

A modern urban hospital

Redefining Healthcare with Design of the Green Hospital

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Worksite Wellness

 The design of eco-friendly, energy-efficient, green construction projects has been gaining attention in all quarters, from the construction of private homes, office buildings, to large buildings such as hospital complexes. In the health sector, the so-called…

Blockchain in Genomics

Renée-Marie Stephano, JD and Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Genomics, Others, Technology

Genomic medicine opens the world of genetic data for providing an accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and appropriate treatment of several genetic diseases. Using genomic techniques, an individual’s genetic information is profiled to determine their susceptibility…

Seven Tips for Fun and Easy Fall Fitness!

Matthew Szenderski, Health Management Specialist, Keenan - in Focused

Fall is the second busiest time for gyms and exercise facilities in the United States. Perhaps, as the kids go back to school, parents may have more time to get back into their workout routines. It’s also a great time of year to get involved in company-sponsored…

Workplace Stress: A Silent Killer of Employee Health and Productivity

Greg Okhifun - in Worksite Wellness

Having a job in many ways improves an individual’s health and overall attitude toward life. However, many people face significant stress in the workplace that it outweighs any possible benefits and even poses a threat to their health. The United States’…

Certified for Safety: A New Standard of Wellness

Michael Shaw - in Worksite Wellness

Offices abound with certificates of safety, notifying workers of a building’s compliance with various codes involving zoning, wiring, sprinklers, storage, loading, and maintenance. These certificates are proof of compliance, but they do not prove workers…

Artificial Intelligence, MD: Wellness for the Workplace

Lewis Fein - in Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new MD of corporate wellness. That is, artificial intelligence or machine learning—names and definitions differ, while no one differs about the distinction between conventional computing and autonomous technology—AI…

Christian Moreno of Lockton comes to Orlando this October

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress

HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® (formerly known as Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress) is happy to introduce our 2018 speaker, Christian Moreno, Vice President, Health Risk Solutions - Lockton Get your ticket: Christian…

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