Corporate Wellness Training

The Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist Program Gave My Career the Needed Boost: Interview with Alex Hixon

Corporate Wellness Training

“I made a presentation yesterday to a large corporation. When I told them that I was a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® they said, ‘We want to do business with you because you know what you’re talking about’,” says Alex Hixon, one of the graduates of the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist Program in a recent interview.  

The Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS) is the solution to what ails organizational culture and the wellbeing architecture. The corporate wellness training program is designed to help organizations rethink the health and well-being of their employees, through tested approaches and strategies for improving mental, emotional, and physical well-being, while also reducing healthcare costs.  

Packed with a range of resources that cover essential and on-demand concepts in employee well-being and health, including organizational culture, mental well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and wellness technology.  

The CCWS program has transformed many individuals and corporate organizations, including Marine Max, Miami Dade County Public Schools, and the Cleveland Clinic, helping them to reimaging what it means to be healthy and well.  

In this interview with Alex, Hixon, Founder of Rural Mobile Health and Wellness, a corporate wellness organization, Alex talks about the problems that ail the wellness culture and how the CCWS corporate wellness training is a game changer for employee well-being.  

Why did you transition into corporate wellness?

I have a background in Insurance, but I transitioned into corporate wellness when I became more aware of the missing link in employee well-being, and how employers were focusing on the wrong things to drive employee health. I decided to focus on corporate wellness and start my own company to help employers move the needle in achieving optimal employee well-being and health.

Why you are so passionate about it?

I am all about health and well-being. I believe no one lives forever, and I also believe it is not about adding more years to your life, as is the focus on conventional corporate wellness programs, but about adding life to your years. This is the missing part of the wellness culture, and this is why I am passionate about it.


How have you incorporated it into what you do every day in business and personal life?

For me, it’s the simple things that matter. It does not have to be about the high-sounding programs or initiatives, but the very basics of health, such as eating the right things, achieving a healthy balance of muscle and fat, and managing stress. I integrate these three models into my personal wellness journey and into my employee wellness programs to help employees with what truly matters in regard to well-being and how to achieve them.


What are you currently doing in business in corporate wellness?

Rural Mobile Health and Wellness focuses on Body Composition Analysis, where we routinely evaluate core health indices of each employee, including obesity profile, body mass index, weight, and bone density.  

Obesity and overweight, which both describe a disproportionate amount of fat in the body, is a major risk factor for the leading causes of death worldwide, including heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. This analysis and the comprehensive feedback that follows help employees stay accountable for themselves and help them make the right day-to-day decisions to achieve optimal health outcomes.  

How important was the certified corporate wellness certification for you and getting corporate wellness training?

I made a presentation recently to a large corporation. When I told them that I was a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® they said, ‘We want to do business with you because you know what you’re talking about’. That’s how important the CCWS corporate wellness training is to me.  

The corporate wellness training provides a holistic, comprehensive approach to employee well-being, taking you through all the essential models, including mental wellness, DEI, and stress management, thereby equipping me to become a voice in the industry.  

What change have you noticed over the last year with corporate wellness?

There is a great awakening shaking things up in the industry. Employees are becoming more self-aware and more conscious of how the workplace culture or wellness programs affect their well-being and are now making concrete decisions to leave or stay with an employer because of that.  

Where do you see the industry headed?

There is an unprecedented shift going on and employees are leading the march to a better corporate wellness industry. If employers do not listen and rethink their wellness approach, they may lose the best talents to those who do.

What are the most important focus areas for you in corporate wellness for the upcoming year?

Mental health remains a top priority, and I believe there are a lot of misconceptions about how to build a mentally healthy workforce. For many employers, it’s about drumming the high-sounding programs, such as mental wellness apps, but the human connection or simply listening to employees may be all the mental wellness program you need for most employees.  

So, in the coming year, I am looking to spreading the word out wide about the right approach to wellness. Let us go back to the basics and de-emphasize technology in helping us achieve better well-being outcomes at work.  

Why did you go through the CCWS program?

In this industry, you have to know what you’re doing and what you’re talking about. So, I was looking for the best courses and training to help me get ahead in the industry, and I found the CCWS corporate wellness training.  

If you could give our readers one piece of advice in regard to wellness programs, what would it be?

Eat right, maintain a healthy balance of muscle and fat - not just targeting weight loss numbers and manage stress properly, and you’ll lead a long and healthy life.  

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