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Human Connection is Key to a Thriving Workplace - Interview with Shelly Bell

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In the new normal of work, specific skillsets are required to build a resilient and thriving workforce. The Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist (CCWS) program is designed to build a global leader that meets the needs of the post-pandemic workforce. From building a thriving community to promoting health and wellbeing in the workplace, CCWS graduates have gone on to integrate the principles of wellness into work, creating a sense of meaning and purpose among employees.  

The Corporate Wellness Magazine recently sat with Shelly Beall, Founder and President of SB Wellness Group, Inc, with more than 34 years in the corporate wellness industry. Shelly talks the value of wellbeing in the workplace and the future of the corporate wellness industry.  

How important is well-being to you personally?

I have lived my entire life and based my career on well-being, both personally and professionally. I grew up with a very health-conscious mother, who was extremely active and had an amazing positive outlook on life. Through all the hardships our family endured, she was a great example of how to gracefully and resiliently stay well through it all in body, mind and spirit. I saw first-hand how this got her through cancer, divorce, abuse, and many other hardships. It made me want to live healthy in those same ways and strive to have that positive outlook on life. I in turn wanted to share that with everyone, which led me to my career.

What change have you noticed over the last year with corporate wellness?

I believe more companies in our area, the south, are interested in offering some kind of wellness to their employees. However, our clients want more mental health and emotional well-being programs. We have been pushing this for several years, as we have seen an increased need for it through coaching and interacting with clients. However, I see more interest in this from leadership. I have also seen an uptick in the willingness of clients to bring in more customized wellness programming, meeting employees where they are in their unique lives.

Where do you see the industry headed?

I think that although things have moved to more virtual and digital platforms, we will still see a desire for personalized, live and in person programming. Most of our clients have seen the value in having on-site coaches, programs, and interactive wellness activities in place. These bring the values of connection, community, energy, and vibrance that more automated programs may be missing. I think finding a way to utilize both virtual/digital programs in conjunction with human connection will be important to wellness programming moving forward.

What are the most important focus areas for you in corporate wellness for the upcoming year?  

I will be focusing on team building, leadership development, mental and emotional well-being. We will continue to offer screenings, assessments, wellness coaching, weight management and disease management programs. However, we find that companies are looking for programs that will help their leaders and employees develop better self-awareness, self-care skills, and stress management tools.

If you could give our readers one piece of advice regarding wellness programs, what would it be?  

Ask yourself and your wellness team, what is our goal? What do we want to accomplish with our wellness program.

Then consistently go back to this answer, as you develop and implement your program. I so often see clients get caught up in shiny new offerings or what they see another company doing, but that may not fit at all with their employees and their goals. Always ask those original questions. As a wellness vendor, I often remind my clients to do this as we plan ahead and review programming.

Why did you go through the CCWS program?  

I love to learn and grow. It’s an important part of thriving in our industry and in life in general. CCWS has a great reputation and a large umbrella of education and offerings. I’ve enjoyed the industry gatherings and education.

What was the most valuable takeaway of the CCWS program for you?

There are so many different opinions and programs and ways to implement well-being in the workplace. There isn’t one specific thing, but many small things that add up to great value. I’ve taken notes and ideas from colleagues in this program and from the courses offered that have inspired new ideas and programs for us.

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