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Telemedicine: Exploring the Next Frontier of Healthcare

Digital healthcare has been a slowly growing area of healthcare since the dawn of the millennium. There had been clusters of virtual care services across the world, but the model had been largely resisted by healthcare providers who believed in the conventional model of healthcare. Then the pandemic struck and redefined the norm. In the wake of the pandemic, there has been mass adoption of virtual healthcare. The coronavirus restrictions led to limited access to healthcare via traditional hospital visits, and stakeholders had to leverage digital innovations. This led to the rapid adoption of telemedicine platforms for most non-emergency care services.

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Virtual Health: There’s No Turning Back

After years in which telemedicine’s promise was hampered by a widespread lack of adoption in the U.S., the coronavirus gave Americans what even the smartest telemedicine marketing could not: a compelling reason to shift certain kinds of care from in-person to virtual.


Steve Olin


July 9, 2021

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