Wellness Korea: The Landmark of Korea’s Largest Medicinal Herb Market

From the entrance of the alley, the scent of all kinds of medicinal herbs is wafting out. It is fun to see rare medicinal herbs. Seoul Yangnyeongsi, Jegi-dong, specializes in medicinal herbs, accounting for 70% of Korean herbal medicines traded in Korea. A luxurious tiled house stands tall in the middle of a maze-like road. Seoul K-Medi Center offers a variety of exhibitions and experiences.

Seoul Yangnyeongsi was formed around Cheongnyangni Station in the 1960s. It was advantageous to import medicines produced in the inland mountainous areas where the central railway passes. Even now, it is the largest oriental medicine-related special zone in Korea, with more than 1,000 specialized businesses such as oriental clinics, oriental medicine pharmacies, and herbal medicine dealers. Seoul K-Medi Center serves as a landmark for this vast and unique market.

The Charm of Oriental Medicine in One Place

The Seoul K-Medi Center inherits the tradition of Bojewon during the Joseon Dynasty. Bojewon was a relief organization that provided free accommodation to travelers and treatment for the sick. The Seoul K-Medi Center has also lowered the threshold so that people of all ages can experience various experiences at a low cost.

The three-story building in the shape of a U-shaped hanok exudes grandeur. On one side of the lobby on the first floor, there is a video experience room and a traditional costume experience room. The traditional costume experience is free. In a small space used as a gallery, special exhibitions related to oriental medicine are held. If you follow the corridor connected to the lobby, you will find an oriental medicine beauty shop and a herbal medicine promotion zone. You can purchase a variety of products such as medicines, health food, and cosmetics.

The Seoul Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Museum is located on the second floor. You can examine the historical understanding of traditional oriental medicine that pursues harmony between humans and nature, medicinal herbs and prescriptions, as well as the development process and current status of Seoul Yangnyeongsi. It is fun to browse through various collections such as samples of different medicinal herbs, old medicinal pots, and manuscripts of <Donguibogam>. The museum commentary program is free

In the lobby area on the 2nd floor, there is a small table where the oriental medicine household goods making program is held. It is prepared for each season of small experiences, such as making your own salt by mixing medicinal herbs suitable for the constitution. Salt making is a simple experience in which you select ingredients from oriental medicine that suit your constitution and taste and mix them with salt. If you open the door to the terrace and go out, there is a foot bath experience center under the traditional hanok pavilion. It is a beautiful outdoor space where you can immerse your feet in the moderate temperature water and meditate. You can also enjoy a more special foot bath by using homemade oriental salt.

It is surprising that there is a space in downtown Seoul where you can experience a variety of oriental medicine as the theme. This is a great opportunity to learn about oriental medicine and experience it firsthand. There are plenty of things to enjoy in various places, so it is enough for a one-day tour.

Various Activities for Staying Healthy

Bojewon, where you can experience oriental medicine, is on the 3rd floor. On the same floor, there is a Yakseon Food Experience Hall and a multi-purpose auditorium. Bojewon is divided into a mobile clinic where medical experiences are conducted under the leadership of a professional Asian doctor (currently not in operation due to quarantine measures), and a health center. At the Health Chaeumso, you can use oriental mask packs, heating herbal hand packs, self-hand acupressure, mechanical foot massage, and thermal massage mats, and stress diagnosis is also available. The Yakseon Food Experience Center is a place where you can make your own Yakseon food. A herbal medicine master recommends foods that suit your constitution and tells you recipes using herbal medicines. The minimum number of participants is four.

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