Mental Wellness

Mental Health and Wellbeing Now Top Priority to Employers, New Survey Finds

A new survey has found that there might be a major paradigm shift in the world of employee wellness and wealth as findings suggest that U.S. employers are now placing more priority on employee mental health and emotional wellbeing. 

Food Production

Reports Uncover “Reckless” Antibiotic Use By McDonald’s and Walmart Beet Suppliers

In a major threat to public health and safety in the U.S., investigations have recently uncovered the illegal and inappropriate use of antibiotics on livestock by several U.S. farms, potentially increasing the risk and spread of deadly bugs.


Vietnamese PPE Scams – Used Gloves and Condoms

A crisis brings out the best in people; unfortunately, Covid-1 9 also brought out the worst people: scammers, criminal organizations, racketeers, and individuals looking to profit off of the Pandemic. One of those criminal enterprises is Super Antibacterial Mask Medical Material Production Joint Stock Company (also known as SAM and SAM Gloves), which is owned and run by its ‘Chairman’ Mr. Hua Hong Hai, who has stolen money from clients and not delivered the products paid for. In some cases, Hai was responsible for shipping used gloves and condoms to customers instead of medical-grade nitrile gloves ordered.

Healthcare Spending

Global Healthcare Costs Likely to Increase in 2022 and Beyond

Experts have predicted significant volatility in healthcare costs in 2022 and beyond as a result of the impact of the pandemic not only on the economy but also on overall health. Therefore, organizations and individuals need to be prepared for the sticker shock and implement cost-saving strategies to mitigate these anticipated changes

Corporate Culture

“They Dumped us Like Trash:” Creating the Worst Corporate Culture Like

Companies like need an organizational shake-up, readapting its workplace policies procedures to be more be employee-centric and more progressive. It’s about time for employers to see their workers like what they truly are: the lifeforce of business.

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