COVID-19 and the workplace
Data Management
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COVID-19: Balancing Employee Privacy and Protection

Privacy issues arise in each phase of data management, including data collection, storage, and use. These elements pose concerns to employees and must be consistent with applicable guidance.

Worksite Wellness

Can Employers Mandate COVID-19 Vaccinations for Workers?

Consequently, employers are considering COVID-19 vaccinations for their workers as another strategy to double down on workplace safety amid the pandemic and to improve employee morale and productivity. But many employees are asking if workplace vaccinations for COVID-19 could be mandatory.

Worksite Wellness

Simple Strategies to Curb COVID-19 Transmission in the Workplace

A lot of uncertainties and anxieties have marked the workplace for much of the year. Businesses are beginning to reopen, and tensions are high. Therefore, employers must consider short-term and long-term strategies to safeguard the workplace and protect workers amid this global health threat. 

Workplace Stress
Disease & Genomics

Workplace Strategies to Combat Pandemic-Related Stress

Employers need to adopt the following strategies to lessen workplace stress and make work a little more fun amid the global health crisis.

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