COVID-19 & Corporate Wellness

Qualtrics Teams Up with CLX Health to Protect Employee Health and Safety

COVID-19 and the workplace

Software giant, Qualtrics, creator of the experience management (XM) platform has announced its partnership with CLX Health, a leading developer of cloud-based tech solutions, to manage its COVID-19 testing program. The partnership leverages CLX Health’s TrustAssure Global Network and Qualtrics’ Vaccination & Testing Manager Solution to provide a digital platform for companies to upload, view, and verify employees’ COVID-19 testing and vaccination status.

This comes as the Federal Appeals Court for the Sixth Circuit has reinstated the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s ruling on COVID-19 vaccine mandates for private employers with at least 100 workers. 

However, a recent survey by Qualtrics has shown how divided employees are about this vaccine mandate. About 42 percent of workers say they do not support such mandates in the workplace, according to the survey. Further, more than 75 percent of unvaccinated workers say they would consider quitting their jobs if the vaccine mandates come into effect, while about 30 percent of them say they could consider lying or falsifying their vaccine cards just to keep their jobs. 

Therefore, one of the concerns HR leaders have about this ruling is how to implement it amid the polarized response among workers. With COVID-19 vaccinations being plagued around the world by vaccine card frauds and fake vaccine certificates, HR leaders face the hurdle of collating and verifying the vaccine certificates of hundreds of employees. 

More than 300 companies currently use Qualtrics’ Vaccination & Testing Manager to screen their employees for COVID-19 symptoms and upload their vaccination credentials, proof of exemption, and COVID-19 test results. However, with this integration with the TrustAssure platform, organizations can readily verify these documents and view them directly on the Qualtrics platform in real-time.  

HR managers have also been inundated with the pressure of booking multiple COVID-19 test appointments for hundreds of workers weekly, but with this integration, employers can easily schedule and administer COVID-19 tests via Qualtrics, managed through CLX Health. 

No need for employees to take hours off work waiting in long lines to get tested for COVID-19. With this new tool, an employee undergoes his or her COVID-19 testing at the scheduled time and receives a notification on the app when lab results are published. Again, they need not call or travel miles to retrieve their results, they can simply download them and share them with their employer as certified proof of health. 

This provides an easy digital tool for employers and HR leaders to navigate this overwhelming situation. With one tool, employers can now both view employee credentials and verify them. This makes the process flow seamless and less disruptive. 

The new platform offers a secure way for employers to track vaccination status, negative test reports, health declarations, and exemptions in seconds, eliminating the chief challenges in implementing the OSHA ruling. As a result, these sensitive health data are only accessible to authorized personnel and useful only for informing workplace decisions around COVID-19 risk mitigation. 

“We are excited to join Qualtrics in their experience-led approach to creating a safer work environment around vaccine and testing requirements and verifications for organizations across the globe,” said Bob Fleury, CLX Health Global Lab Director. “Working together, our goal is to support higher productivity and promote employee well-being,” he added.

“Organizations have a massive undertaking to create an environment where employees feel safe in the workplace,” said Qualtrics Chief Product Officer Jay Choi. “It’s critical for organizations to have a comprehensive solution like Qualtrics that gives them the confidence to quickly comply with new requirements and protect employee safety and privacy.”

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