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An Invisible Enemy with Visible Effects: Electromagnetic Fields

Michael Shaw - in Worksite Wellness

By promoting mobility and making wellness a priority, companies may in fact be worsening the health of their workers by giving them—and encouraging them to use—mobile devices. This is not an example of bad intentions but the unintentional result of forces…

Symbols of Health and Icons of Corporate Wellness

Lawrence Engler - in Selling & Marketing

Since corporate wellness is a catchall for so many things, the challenge rests not with expressing each idea but encapsulating all relevant ideas in a powerful way. Doing so is more about visual command than verbal control, meaning if a company seeks to promote…

The Legal Case for Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Features

Lawyers who champion corporate wellness are champions in their own right. They give companies a reason, which is more a matter of moral justice than a mandate from our judicial system, to create—and popularize—a program that empowers workers by educating…

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Corporate Wellness Programs – What’s Working, What’s Not

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in News & Insights

Employee engagement is crucial to sustaining a strong wellness program. The initial goal of implementing a wellness program within an organization is to reduce healthcare costs. And while that goal has remained constant as the corporate wellness industry has…

Case studies looking into the corporate wellness programs of Lam Research, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Western Reserve Hospital

Employer Case Studies – Lam Research, Royal Caribbean Cruses, LTD., and Western Reserve Hospital

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Case Study

Case Study 1 - Lam Research Lam Research is an American multinational corporation operating in Austria, South Korea, Taiwan and the United States and designs, manufactures and services semiconductor equipment to create integrated circuits. Located in Fremont, California,…

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Wearable Devices are Coming to a Doctor Near You

Seth Golbe - in Technology

Wearable fitness trackers, the fancy watches you see people wearing today, are making a splash in the corporate wellness space. These devices track activity levels,  sleep and can even count the calories you eat. Newer models can even track blood pressure,…

Woman's hands wearing a wearable device and holding a cup of coffee

How Sustainable is Your Wellness Program? Why Not All Fitness Trackers are Created Equally

Andrew J. Rosenthal - in Column

Ask any senior manager what are the key attributes they look for in an effective team member, and the chances are reliability and consistency will be up there. But, while most of us manage to be predictably excellent in the workplace, there are other parts…

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Corporate Wellness Goes Big in Orlando

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Column, Corporate Health and Wellness Conference

Have you searched long and hard to find what works for employers and what doesn’t or have you moved from one vendor to another to help bend your cost-curve? Look no further. The Corporate Health and Wellness Association has identified the most influential…

Wake up Call: Good Sleep is Good for Employees

Wake up Call: Good Sleep is Good for Employees

Karen Schwarzbach - in Column, Features

As bleary-eyed employees line up in break rooms across America for their morning coffee – the magic potion that will jump-start their day -- thoughts often swirl about the poor night’s sleep many of them are trying to recover from. Billions of dollars…

A person running on a treadmill. This is just one part of a corporate wellness programs.

Corporate Wellness Coming to College Near You

James Lowe - in Column

Oklahoma State University has started an arms race. Groundbreaking hires, exciting new technology, and dramatic new vision has the campus in an all-out war. This isn’t a battle for championships or gridiron glory, however. There are no opposing teams, or…

A Banner with the words Tobacco: Addiction and Embarrassment and a plume of smoke.

Tobacco: Addiction and Embarrassment

Smoking is a very ‘personal habit’ Working with employees and their spouses in an employer-sponsored tobacco cessation program is an eye-opener for even the most experienced wellness coach. The most reoccurring theme is the embarrassment expressed by participants…

Dr. K. Andrew Crighton, chief medical officer, and Maureen Corcoran, vice president of Health, Life and Inclusion at Prudential

Prudential, Inc.: Financial Wellness and Bottom Line

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Case Study, Column, Corporate Wellness Interviews

Prudential Financial, Inc. is a Fortune Global 500 company dealing primarily with financial services like investing and insurance in the United States and 30 countries across the globe. With more than 48,000 employees and total assets of more than $766.65…

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