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Five Ways to Prioritize Workplace Wellness in 2023

While the pandemic has eased its grip on our lives, it has brought with it some lessons about the inadequacies of our corporate wellness infrastructure. Employers now need to remodel these programs to meet the needs of the new normal, rethinking their approach to wellness and curating initiatives that meet the needs of employees where they are. 

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Why Workplace Wellness Programs Fail

Building the right wellness program for your workforce requires paying attention to the granular issues of wellness and health in your organization. Well-being and health are not stand-alone issues and they are dependent on a large number of factors, including organizational culture, workplace issues, and personal health circumstances. Understanding these contexts help managers and employers identify their employees’ actual wellness problems and roll out the most effective solutions. 

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Personalized Wellbeing: Corporate Wellness the Right Way

Now more than ever, employees are taking their well-being and health more seriously, and this has become a major determinant of organizational success. Employers need to revisit the corporate wellness architecture and fix these deficits. In the long run, offering employees a more personalized and holistic approach to wellbeing not only achieves the set health indicators for their workforce but also saves organizations lots of money.

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A Literate Workforce for a Healthy Workplace

Literacy begets confidence, just as promoting a culture of literacy begets a confident workforce. If a workplace hinders confidence, if workers have no confidence in themselves or no confidants in whom they may confide, wellness is unattainable.


Michael D. Shaw


July 9, 2021

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It’s Time to Get Real About Care Delivery

Innovations in care delivery are improving evidence-based practice with transformational technologies that build upon the trusted doctor-patient relationship. Designed to empower providers to deliver high-value, personalized care, and evidence-based improvement, the result fosters better patient and provider experiences by meeting patients where they are on their journey. Ultimately, this significantly reduces the total cost of care and accelerates organizational performance.

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Rethinking your Human Capital

An ill-equipped, unhealthy, and dissatisfied workforce reflects on the quality of your organization; so to improve your company's overall success, pay close attention to your human capital

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It's Time to Re-recruit Your Employees

The pandemic has led to a paradigm shift in the corporate world. There are now more job positions but fewer employees to fill in these vacancies, no thanks to a great awakening by employees following many years of enduring a dysfunctional work culture. Now, HR leaders must identify and address the needs of employees to re-recruit them or get swallowed up in the Great Resignation.

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