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Business of Well-being

Increasing Wellness Engagement and Saving Billions in Healthcare Costs: A Cleveland Clinic Case Study

In this episode of the Edelheit Experience, Jonathan Edelheit, Chairman of Global Healthcare Resources, speaks with Dr. Michael Roizen, Emeritus Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic talks about tackling rising employer healthcare spending by increasing employee wellness engagement and participation. Using the case of Cleveland Clinic as an example, Dr. Roizen explains how improved participation in the right wellness solutions translates to better health profiles and less healthcare spending.

Business of Well-being

Personalized Wellbeing: Corporate Wellness the Right Way

Now more than ever, employees are taking their well-being and health more seriously, and this has become a major determinant of organizational success. Employers need to revisit the corporate wellness architecture and fix these deficits. In the long run, offering employees a more personalized and holistic approach to wellbeing not only achieves the set health indicators for their workforce but also saves organizations lots of money.

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