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Investment in health is worth a trip

Wellness Tourism is Health Investment Well Worth a Trip

Renée-Marie Stephano, JD - in Features

We all certainly want to enjoy healthier lives. Rising healthcare costs, struggling medical systems, and overwhelming stress associated with modern-day living has only given us added vitality toward better living. But, living well makes good sense to more…

Employers Can Help to Prevent the High Costs of Chronic Diseases

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Economics

The High Costs of Chronic Diseases Finding a good doctor – or an appropriate and affordable medical procedure — isn’t always easy in today’s climate. The federal health insurance exchanges, which have reduced patient options even further, haven’t…

Domestic medical tourism offers more bang for your buck.

Domestic Medical Tourism Offers more Bang for Buck

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Editorial

Employers shopping for the best bargains for their healthcare dollars may soon make domestic travel for medical procedures

A woman in an hotel room, wearing a robe with room service, working on her laptop in bed.

Las Vegas – Adding Healthcare to the Brand

Renée-Marie Stephano, JD - in Editorial

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…..true, this is one of the first thoughts that comes to mind

A map with a pin placed in El Paso, Mexico.

Cross-Border Healthcare: A Creative Option for Texas Self-Insured Employers

José Aroeste - in Others

One of the advantages of self-funding for employers in Texas is the ability to include cross-border healthcare.

A cubic representation of a globe, with hands filling in the missing pieces.

U.S. Health Insurance Medical Tourism Market Update

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

The industry had a lot of momentum in 2009 as many insurance companies moved forward with their plans,but was derailed when Obama brought HealthcarEReform into the picture which caused insurance companies to stop all new programs/initiatives and to focus on…

A person holding an umbrella with dark storm clouds in the back grounds. TO the right are are the words "Your Employees Will Be Global Healthcare Consumers — Are You Prepared to Communicate with Them?"

Your Employees Will Be Global Healthcare Consumers — Are You Prepared to Communicate with Them?

Shawn M. Connors - in News & Insights

A “perfect storm” of trends occurred about 10 years ago in the music industry, and it changed the landscape of that business forever.

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