Lisa Holland and Gregory J. Hummer

Financial Wellness

Unlock Cash for Financial Wellness

70% of chronic disease in the U.S. is preventable and attributed to factors- tobacco, overweight, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Americans, while saving money for the future spend $2.5 trillion on healthcare and still ranks 17 on overall health index.

Business of Well-being

A Review of the New Wellness Regulations: A Departure from Personal Responsibility & Accountability for Health

The new regulation by DOL clarify wellness program categories and clearly define and elaborate a reasonable alternative. The DOL categorized wellness program into two categories- participatory and health-contingent plan.

Business of Well-being

Behavior Change and CDHP: Full Replacement Is the Solution

You have read about CDHP and watching companies of all sizes and industries adopt them, but not getting ways to implement them. Imagine a solution eliminating the hassle of inappropriate use of debit cards, payment time, transparency at POS.