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Financial Wellness

The first step to achieving financial wellness is through optimal health. Today, individuals do not recognize how much money is spent on unhealthy habits and how those habits can negatively impact health and drain personal finances. Incomes for people aged 35 to 45 have decreased by 11% and virtually all age groups have less disposable income for retirement.

While struggling to save money for our future, Americans spend $2.5 trillion on healthcare - but ranks only 17th in the world in overall health. Amazingly, 70% of chronic disease in the U.S. are preventable and attributed to just four factors: tobacco use, being overweight, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

If we are motivated to improve our health, our personal wealth will grow in tandem. Economic factors have always been the absolute strongest force to drive behavior change. Unfortunately, many Americans are as uneducated about finance and financial investing as they are about their own health.

About $200 billion a year is wasted on unwarranted healthcare. Another $600 billion could have been saved if we simply change our health habits by losing weight, eliminating tobacco use, increasing physical activity and reducing cholesterol. Modification in these health indicators will not only improve the health and productivity of individuals, it will increase our personal wealth.

We can then save that extra money for future healthcare expenditures in the form of a Health Savings Account or set it aside for retirement in a 401k plan. Employers now have a new interactive tool called a Health Index or Health to Wealth Calculator that can be easily integrated to their health and wellness programs.

This tool can help employees achieve an additional wellness incentive: financial security. Now employees can understand the dollar value of staying healthy and help their employer achieve healthcare affordability, employee satisfaction, and loyalty. The combined approach offers employers a positive way to support their employee's holistic health and financial wellness.

The calculator is also helpful for Financial Services/Wealth Management firms, who can use it to consult with their individual clients more effectively. Today's financial guidance needs to expand beyond the ordinary mechanism of traditional savings and offer a more innovative and creative approach to financial well-being.

Individuals can use the calculator to become more accountable and responsible for their healthcare and engage in healthier behaviors, resulting in a deeper understanding of financial wellness and personal attitudes about health, spending and savings.

About Simplicity Health Plans

Cleveland, Ohio - Simplicity Health Plans is the best implementation of a CDHP/HSA. It aligns the interests of the Employer, Employee and the Provider to provide a turnkey, fully integrated Consumer Directed Health Plan. It also delivers a low cost, scalable solution to control claim costs.

The Plan fuses unparalleled technology, point of service adjudication, real-time data, and first of its kind anti-fraud controls. Services include an ERISA compliant health plan, HSA administration and banking, medical claims administration, TPA functions, pharmacy, dental & vision, COBRA, stop loss reinsurance, real-time Utilization Review and Case Management, Health Coaching, Comparison Shopper, Health & Wellness programs, and a host of on-line tools for Providers, Employers and Members.

About the Authors

Lisa M. Holland, RN, MBA has been in the healthcare care industry for over 18 years and held senior level positions within major healthcare organizations. Lisa is an accomplished wellness subject matter expert and President of the StayFit Plan administered by Simplicity Health Plans. Contact Lisa at (216) 367-3092 or

Gregory J. Hummer, M.D., has spent the last 18 years developing and perfecting Simplicity Health Plans to solve the vexing complexities, out-of-control costs, burdens and inefficiencies associated with today's healthcare system. Dr. Hummer is Chairman and CEO of Simplicity Health Plans. Contact or log onto for more information.

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