Corporate Wellness Training

Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist Training and the New Paradigm of Wellness

Corporate Wellness Training

Traditionally, workplace wellness had always been about health assessment surveys, risk assessments, and exercise routines. Soon after the pandemic, HR managers and business owners became more aware of the nuances of health, and how well-being is an encompassing, inclusive of an individual’s emotional, mental, and financial health.  

The Certified Corporate Wellness Wellness Specialist (CCWS) training program provides a comprehensive insight into these nuances, and how business owners and managers can improve these metrics of well-being to improve employee well-being, engagement, and productivity.

In the post-pandemic era of work, which has been inundated by the Great Resignation and quiet quitting, understanding what wellness means and how to ensure employees attain wellness across all phases of it, is an essential tool to keep workers happy and productive. The CCWS corporate wellness training is a certification of expertise offered by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association to demonstrate these skills.  

The wellness program of today is shifting from the conventional model that does not truly meet the wellness needs of employees. This corporate wellness training program helps business owners and HR managers to understand the true picture of wellness in their organizations, and personalized approaches and solutions to address them.  

For example, in place of generic mental wellness initiatives, such as yoga sessions and meditation, wellness specialists can explore further to understand the unique stressors employees face, and deliver individualized wellness strategies. Consequently, the CCWS training helps business leaders take a wider approach to delivering wellness solutions, with strategies such as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, shifting work culture, offering virtual wellness services for remote workers, and leveraging tools for financial wellness.  

These are the core issues of the workplace and the CCWS equips business managers and leaders to address them effectively.  

Therefore, becoming a Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist Program demonstrates to the business community, clients, as well as potential employees that your wellness program is in line with global best practices and is adequately tailored to meet the specific needs of a corporate culture.

Further, the corporate wellness training helps business leaders understand extant rules and regulations surrounding employment and benefits, as well as healthcare frameworks, such as the ADA, ACA, HIPAA, and EOC, and integrating these frameworks into a corporate wellness policy.  

CCWS is a complete package for the employer willing to shift the culture paradigm and rethink employee wellness, leveraging best practices. The CCWS training also equips employers with the resources and tools needed to drive healthcare spending down through risk-limiting strategies and modulating employee health behaviors.  

Further, the CCWS gives any organization a competitive edge as it stands out as a business that is committed to employee health and well-being, therefore attracts the best talent and minimize employee turnover.  

This corporate wellness training and certification is suitable for stakeholders in the insurance and healthcare industry as well as HR/benefits directors and wellness managers, and individuals who are gatekeepers in driving wellness at work.  

The program is virtual and includes 11 on-demand modules that cover topics such as leadership, culture, cost savings, mental health, wellness technology, employee well-being, diversity, equity, and inclusion. It also covers the essentials of program design, delivery, and evaluation. These topics are delivered by some of the leading experts in employee benefits and wellness, who share insights from several years of experience coordinating wellness for some of the largest and most successful brands in the world. What’s more, participants can complete these courses at a pace they choose.  

The training also comes with direct access to continuing education resources and other E-Library resources to ensure individuals and organizations remain compliant with the certification and are updated with global best practices around employee wellness and benefits per time.  

The benefits of this corporate wellness training and certification to individuals are far-reaching, as it rebrands them as experts in corporate wellness and employee well-being, fully understanding the nuances of wellness and strategies to enhance employee well-being at work. The certification also allows participants enhance their career, being capable of handling more challenging responsibilities in HR and Benefits.  

Many employers and business leaders have participated in the corporate wellness training program in the last few years, with many reporting tremendous shifts in their workplace culture and employee productivity.  

Daphne Bascom, Chief Medical Officer at Cerner talked about how the training program offered expanded insight into the shifting paradigms of wellness, and how employers needed to latch on to the training to be better suited to deliver wellness solutions for today’s employees.  

“I have been involved in the healthcare industry for over 20 years and have seen the growth and evolution of corporate wellness programs. After exploring the curriculum for the Certified Corporate Wellness Specialist® and attending the annual conference I realized how much there is to learn and how valuable this program is for anyone supporting corporate wellness programs. The course provided insight into the ever changing legal and regulatory environment in addition to providing me with an opportunity to meet and network with leaders in the industry,” she added.

Dawn Gillispie, Coordinator of Wellness Programs at Beacon Health System described the training program as a stimulus for growth in the employee wellness and benefits space.  

“Health and Wellness has always been a big part of who I am in both my personal life and wellness focused career. Taking the CCWS® course has provided me not only security and ability to grow in my personal life and career, but the knowledge and confidence needed to assist my organization and its employees in our mission of overall well-being for ourselves and the communities we serve. I look forward to continued growth through Corporate Health and Wellness Association in the ever-changing world of wellness,” Dawn said.  

Stefanie Knisley, Wellness Outreach Specialist at Berger Health System talked about how the CCWS corporate wellness training program was bridged the knowledge gap for business leaders in navigating the shift in corporate wellness post-pandemic.  

“The realm of Healthy Wellbeing and Wellness is ever changing and by going through the CCWS program and obtaining certification it has given me the knowledge and additional expertise to take our internal and external programming to the next level. Healthy Wellbeing is not a “one size fits all” and obtaining certification has provided our organization and myself a skill set and “brand-ability” to assist our employee’s and the community we serve to be the best form of “you” they can be,” Stefanie said.  

The Corporate Wellness Training program continues to offer an essential tool for employers to improve employee health, wellness, and productivity, through robust wellness initiatives and cost-saving strategies. The CCWS also prepares individuals and organizations to navigate the ever-changing employee benefits landscape, equipped them with the requisite skills to deliver solutions that align with global best practices.

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