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Clear, effective communication is the best thing for health.

Maximizing Returns from Benefit Investments with Proper Communication

JJ Summerall - in Economics

“Respondents (to the survey) gave their companies the lowest marks at the most basic employee interaction level – getting employees to understand the cost and value of their health benefits.”

A calculator spelling out the word "help"

Recruiting, Retaining & Rejuvenating Employees: Incentivize Top Talent with Voluntary Benefits

Elizabeth Halkos - in Economics

Faced with uncertainty about the potential effects healthcare reform will have on employee benefits,

The Challenge of Product Development for Voluntary Benefits

Roger Schultz - in Others

A speaker at a recent Voluntary Employee Benefits Board conference pleaded with attendees to take a fresh look at their product development processes and commit to significantly improve them.

A phalanx of uniform stick figures, with one red one standing out from the crowd.

One Size Fits ONE

Brad Cooper - in Focused

The research is in. An effective employee wellness program will provide a 300-600% ROI through decreased health care, sick time and disability costs

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