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Corporate Wellness Programs – What’s Working, What’s Not

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in News & Insights

Employee engagement is crucial to sustaining a strong wellness program. The initial goal of implementing a wellness program within an organization is to reduce healthcare costs. And while that goal has remained constant as the corporate wellness industry has…

Looking behind the door into the future.

The Future of Wellness

Michael Prager - in Column

There are two ways to forecast the future: Talk to leaders in the fields you’re interested in, and ask what’s coming. Guess Taking wisdom from no less than author Jules Verne and author/physicist Michio Kaku, let’s stick with No. 1 to assess where corporate…

An insulin needle and a stethoscope

Fighting Diabetes with Knowledge and Action: A Plan for Corporate Wellness

Brad Cummins - in Focused

Diabetes is a modern scourge, an illness we need to confront – and to whatever extent possible, conquer – so corporate wellness can flourish. The enclosed questions and answers offer perspective about this condition, for the good of al

Investment in health is worth a trip

Wellness Tourism is Health Investment Well Worth a Trip

Renée-Marie Stephano, JD - in Features

We all certainly want to enjoy healthier lives. Rising healthcare costs, struggling medical systems, and overwhelming stress associated with modern-day living has only given us added vitality toward better living. But, living well makes good sense to more…

A treadmill desk

Sit Up and Take Notice: Office Exercise Equipment Should Not Be Taken Lightly

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Features, Others

Sitting Ducks for Poor Health Is finding time to keep in shape a job in itself? Then, you might be a sitting duck for poor health. After all, experts advise at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity most days of the week to maintain good health, and…

Corproate wellness is at the crossroad of work/life balance

Corporate Wellness Is No Longer Health Jargon

Jonathan Edelheit, JD - in Editorial

Welcome to the inaugural print edition of Corporate Wellness Magazine. For six years now, Corporate Wellness Magazine has been the signature online publication for the Corporate Health & Wellness Association and a reliable resource for news, innovations…

People working to achieve better health.

Positive Organizational Health

The Problem America, as well as many other countries in the world, is at an important crossroad. While many large companies are reporting near record profits, employees are experiencing near epidemic levels of stress, anxiety and depression often created…

You wouldn't wear a suit without personalization, why a wellness program?

Personalization is ‘Secret Sauce’ for any Wellness Program

Sandi Eskew - in Features

Personalization drives success across nearly every industry - from smart phone apps to luxury travel. The more products and services can be customized to personal habits, goals or desires, the more success that product or service often has. Wellness programs…

A doctor visiting a sick women for a house call

Speed and Service: The Return of House Calls from the Mobilized Doctors of Today – and Tomorrow

Brandon Xavier - in Technology

We need to change our assumptions about technology and health care, eschewing the notion that the former depersonalizes the latter; reducing men and women – patients and children – into mere numbers, to be proc

A man standing on a scale

The Biggest Losers Might be Your Employees

Rebecca Johnson - in Worksite Wellness

Much earlier in my health promotion career, I helped an employer create a “biggest loser” style weight-loss contest at work. Back then, I didn’t know nearly as much as I do now about the complexities of body weight, how ineffective weight loss programs…

An executive backed by assistants and a team of doctors

The Bulletproof Executive

Dr. Roy Vartabedian - in Column

“John D. Rockefeller Sr.’s obsession with work and worry while building his business led to stress, strain and very serious health problems by the time he was fifty years old. Had Mr. Rockefeller not made a number of life changes to enhance his health,…

A drone with a first aid kit

Lifesaving Care from Drone Technology: A Medical Revolution

Lewis Fein - in Technology

Corporate wellness is inseparable from education and technology.  

Which is to say, the rapidity of change within the health care industry makes knowledge a priority and awareness (about the options available to individuals) a necessit

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