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Can Artificial Intelligence Provide a Human Touch?

With DayTwo, the answer is yes. What role can an algorithm play in giving you advice about your health? Can a computer program play the part of a diabetes coach? DayTwo's precision health solution was recently featured in a New York Times article exploring the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the growing world of personalized nutrition. In the article, author Sandeep Ravindran notes that a host of apps are offering AI-based nutrition solutions. "Instead of a traditional diet, which often has a set list of 'good' and 'bad' foods," he writes, "these programs are more like personal assistants that help someone quickly make healthy food choices. They are based on research showing that bodies each react differently to the same foods, and the healthiest choices are likely to be unique to each individual." What does this personal AI assistance look like exactly? At DayTwo, our registered (human) dietitians are using the information provided by AI (developed with the world's largest microbiome dataset) to empower people to make better decisions about which foods or food combinations will lead to fewer spikes in blood sugar. The algorithm behind the DayTwo app uses microbiome profiling to predict how each person's blood sugar will respond to certain foods. Instead of another one-size-fits-all fad diet, the personalization based on an individual's microbiome enables customized food recommendations.




April 26, 2022

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