Public Health Researcher
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Sammy Chown, BSc, MSc

Sammy Chown holds a Master of Science in Public Health and Health Systems, and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with a Minor in Religion and Diversity. Ms. Chown’s thesis investigated the association between learning disabilities and mental illness in emerging adults (18-29 year olds). Her education focused on epidemiology, and she has experience working with older adults, individuals with multiple sclerosis, and individuals with spinal cord injuries in an exercise setting. Ms. Chown is passionate about the intersection of science and social science, especially when accessibility for disabilities (visible and invisible) is involved.

Business of Well-being

The Value of Perceived and Objective Health Data in Health & Wellness Programs

Health risk assessments (HRAs) vary in length and the depth and breadth of the content they cover. They typically focus on objective measures that are captured via observation, tests, or physical examination, including biometrics (such as blood pressure and weight) and physical activity tracked by wearables. Additionally, subjective measures provide unique insights that can illuminate an individual’s feelings, symptoms, and personal context. When analyzed together, objective and subjective measures of health paint a picture of whole health and well-being across multiple dimensions. Yet, as employers and H&W companies face a constant battle of avoiding lengthy assessments while retaining the most valuable data, subjective measures are unfortunately more frequently viewed as less-valuable elements of HRAs.


Sammy Chown, BSc, MSc


August 27, 2022