Mira Gadzala

Mira Gadzala holds a PhD in Holistic Nutrition, Master of Sciences in Cellular Biology, and a designation Registered Nutritional Consultant Practitioner/Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner. She is a former Director of Health Sciences and Education in a vitamin research and development company in California. She designed and managed several multi–center clinical trials with natural nutrients on the prevention and reversal of chronic diseases using innovative scientific methods. She also authored many scientific and non–scientific papers, brochures, booklets, online seminars on health and the prevention of chronic diseases and well being. She is a passionate health advocate and public speaker at NNFA events, and numerous public seminars in the US and Europe (Germany, Austria, Holland, Poland). She was also a guest at health radio programs in NY, MI, CA, and OH. She can be contacted at: mgadzala@gmail.com

Business of Well-being

It Takes More Than a Pill: Finding New Strategies for Disease Prevention in Relation to Work Performance and Longevity

Disease is a type of evil and we need protection from this complex process and that benefits individual and society as a whole. Humans are affected by diseases for thousands of years, but after 1800s people really begin to understand the process to prevent.


Mira Gadzala


January 29, 2014