Michael Tarino

President of DSM Personalized Nutrition, Michael Tarino possesses an ardent conviction in the power of well-supported individuals to act as catalysts for transformative change in the health system. Prior to his work at DSM Personalized Nutrition, Mr. Tarino served as chief executive officer of Definity Health, a UnitedHealth Group company, the nation’s leading consumer-driven health plan administrator, where he grew the business to serve more than 2.7 million members. In previous roles at Definity Health, he designed the company’s consumer experience, demonstrating that a health plan could be an excellent consumer services organization. Mike also brought innovations to the marketplace that improved people’s health, secured greater returns on health investments and simplified consumer experiences within the health system.

Business of Well-being

Nutrition: The Ideal Foundation for Employee Wellness

When we talk about the health of your employees, diet and nutrition offer an ideal foundation for your wellness efforts. The reason for this is simple: diet and nutrition directly affect the health of everyone within your organization in crucial ways.


Michael Tarino


January 29, 2014