Lori Appleman

Lori Appleman is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Ergoprise. Ergoprise is a certified, woman-owned, multi-brand provider of high quality office, mobile, and industrial ergonomic tools, located in Austin, Texas. Through the showroom, website, and sale team, Ergoprise offers a broad range of ergonomic products that have been selected to provide workers with a comfortable working environment; and to deliver an excellent return on investment. Ergoprise’s mission is to build awareness of the importance and value of ergonomics, as well as the products that create a healthy workspace, prevent repetitive stress injuries (RSI), and provide for worker’s comfort.

Business of Well-being

Is Your Office a Danger Zone for Your Employees?

A research study in the British Journal suggested that people who regularly exercise are also at risk of injury or death. After four hours of sitting, the body starts to send harmful signals that cause the genes regulating glucose and fat.


Lori Appleman


January 29, 2014