Jayshree Davé

Jayshree Davé is a Director of Pipaltree Ltd; A Consultancy that provides tailored training and Executive coaching. Working with corporations, institutions as well as individuals to unleash unlimited unrealised potential. She has enjoyed an extensive career within the trading floor environment of HSBC Corporate & Investment Banking spanning over two decades, both in London and New York. She has managed a diverse range of clients, which have included Medium Size Companies, Multinational Corporations, Asset Managers, marketing risk management solutions to these clients using currency and interest rate derivatives. She supported the treasury function at Beecham Finance plc (Now GSK). She also worked in New York and successfully built a profitable multi product US Corporate client base and was appointed to Deputy Head of Foreign Exchange Sales in 2001.

Business of Well-being

Employee Energy Risk Management

Every business runs by the most valuable asset known as CASH and a lot of energy is focused on the management of cash flow. Risks include currency, interest rate, commodity, credit, and system and the people responsible for the management is Employees.


Jayshree Davé


January 29, 2014