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Glenn Riseley

Glenn Riseley is Founder and President of Global Corporate Challenge® (GCC),the world’s largest and most exciting corporate health initiative. Delivering scientifically proven results, GCC has helped more than 2,500 of the world’s leading organizations to achieve positive, lasting employee and business health returns. To learn more, please visit: www.gettheworldmoving.com
Four professionally dressed people cross the finish line of a race, with the winner celebrating.

Walking Wellness Program Steps Down Chronic Disease Risk

Glenn Riseley - in Worksite Wellness

As lifestyle-related chronic disease afflicts the western world like never before, organizations are bearing an increasingly heavy burden...

A stack of $1 bills having its blood pressure checked.

Diagnosing Workplace Health: Is it Time Your Company Had a Check-up?

Glenn Riseley - in Focused

Whether your corporate wellness program has been rolling on for a while or is recently introduced...

A group of smiling, multi-ethnic people laying on the ground in a circle, with a globe in the center near their heads.

Global Corporate Challenge – a Wellness Phenomenon with Worldwide Results

Glenn Riseley - in Worksite Wellness

With the worldwide obesity epidemic continuing to snowball, employers face the challenge of making

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