Eva Ressler

Eva, a graduate from University of Iowa, is currently working as a Health Coach with the HealthCheck360 wellness program. Since graduation with a Communication Studies major and Spanish minor, Eva was certified as a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant the American Fitness Professionals and Associates. Her passion for nutrition is outweighed perhaps only her religious fitness regimen and love of writing. As a Health Coach with HealthCheck360, Eva is able to implement her love and passion or all of these things to help others achieve their goals and better their personal health. HealthCheck360, which is stationed in Dubuque, IA and led Michael Kelly, is a Health Risk Assessment program that deals with clients in 49 states currently. Through objective biometric screening and comprehensive assessment, HealthCheck360 provides companies and their employees the tools, awareness, and empowerment to become their best selves.

Business of Well-being

Send Stress & Those Pesky Pounds Packing with Exercise

Earlier the advice- sweat it out to clear your head, is changed as the stress-sizzling benefits of exercise are affecting us. Stress comes at us from every angle of every day in a multitude of shapes, sizes, smells, and various other unknown sources.


Eva Ressler


January 29, 2014