Dr. Will Clower

Award-winning author Dr. Will Clower applies his neuroscience knowledge to explain how the Mediterranean culture can enjoy their rich healthy foods and still be thinner than us, with healthy hearts and longer lives.

After earning his neuroscience Ph.D., Dr. Clower went to France for two years to do research on the brain, but found the French fascinating enough. The cultural habits of these thin, healthy people intrigued him to write the highly-praised cultural comparison, The Fat Fallacy.

Dr. Clower’s breakthrough work has been featured everywhere from The View with Barbara Walters, Fox News, CBS, and ABCNews, to USA Today, New York Times, Readers Digest, and Cosmopolitan Magazine. His work has also garnered recommendations luminaries such as Julia Child, Peter Mayle, Dr. Dean Edell, and Susan Loomis.

Business of Well-being

Adapt and Adopt: Translating a Healthy Culture into a Corporate Culture of Health

It is easier to adapt an existing successful business model than to reinvent the wheel and hope it turns out well. There are entire cultures that have low weight, healthy hearts, and longer lives or you can say a healthy dietary model exists already.


Dr. Will Clower


September 3, 2014