Dr. Roger Boger

Dr. Boger created a Wellness Center called Lifespan, The Center for Integrative Health, on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and is constructing others. The unique concept includes traditional, alternative and wellness approaches to help people make the best lifestyle changes that will ensure long and healthy lives. His plans include constructing these facilities in many global locations. Each venue will have a focus on Integrative medicine and each facility will be Feng Shui consistent in its physical plant design. This, along with his professional network marketing career that included a Royal Diamond rank with Nikken and earned the rank of Consultant of the year for North America, Presidents Club member and Millionaires Club member, and currently with the Vemma corporation, Real Estate investment, creating aggregation type business models for global domination in health care and authoring his current book "Your Einstein Complex Awaken Your Inner Genius" is in alignment with his life's purpose. The next book entitled "Blue Print for Millions" will be released later this year.

Business of Well-being

Love Assurance: Employee Satisfaction and Workplace Wellness

Companies in the U.S. have been instituting wellness programs following concepts that Asian companies are using successfully. Many programs take 18 months or more to appreciate or realize returns on the initial investments by the company.


Dr. Roger Boger


January 29, 2014