Dr. Robert Grant

ob has just completed his PhD at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, specialising in Philosophy and Linguistics, where he was an Irish Research Council Post-Graduate Research Scholar. Before taking his PhD at Trinity, Rob spent four years in North America on a full athletic basketball scholarship at Berkshire School, MA, USA, and Memorial University, Canada.

GetHealth is a mobile and online platform which aims to increase employee engagement in workplace wellness programs. The application allows users to check-in to their daily health tasks under the Move, Munch and Mind categories and earn points for achieving personalised health-goals, while competing against friends and colleagues. making the task of getting healthy simple, social and fun, GetHealth facilitates the creation of lasting behaviour change in users which results in healthier employees and a more productive workplace culture.

If you have any questions please contact us at hello@gethealthapp.com

Business of Well-being

Mobile and Online Technology: Bridging the Gap to Lasting Behavior Change

Huge potential lies in using mobile and online technologies as part of a worksite wellness program to achieve health changes. The value of workplace health and wellness program is becoming increasingly apparent to employers these days.


Dr. Robert Grant


January 29, 2014