Dr. Jeanette Raymond

Dr. Jeanette Raymond is a licensed psychologist in Los Angeles. She helps people have manage their stress in ways that match their personalities. Poor relationships in the work place contribute to insecurity and cause stress. Good relationships create security and stability both in the work place and outside. Security and stability allow you to perform to your optimum level, be creative and solve the problems that throw you off course. . Dr. Raymond conducts workshops and customized packages for individuals and groups in the workplace to improve communication, enhance relationships and promotes motivation that satisfies your need for accomplishment. Quality of work stays on a high level giving you and your company a competitive edge.

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7 Stress Management Tips For Corporate Type A Personalities

Hugh hated the mandatory stress workshops and retreats his company, as he loathed the relaxation skills training. The worst thing you could tell Hugh was to slow down and smell the roses so as to avoid a heart attack.


Dr. Jeanette Raymond


January 29, 2014