Caryl Ehrlich

Caryl Ehrlich is the founder/director of The Caryl Ehrlich Program; a comprehensive step step behavioral approach to weight loss. She teaches her one-on-one program in your office, in her office in New York City, or if you’re out of town or out of the country, telephone, fax and email. Caryl is also the author of Conquer Your Food Addiction (Free Press), which teaches people how to change habits without diet, deprivation, props or pills. Caryl welcomes questions or comments about The Program and the behavioral methods she incorporates into her weight loss teaching, as well as offers for speaking engagements for charities, corporations, schools, as well as workshops tailored for each situation. For further information: or call 212-986-7155. Or visit

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The Weight Loss Game: Are Corporations Sending Mixed Signals To Employees?

If employees in your office are gaining weight, you might be part of the problem as they are eating carbohydrate-rich foods. The dish on a desk or counter filled with wrapped candies or mints can be the main reason for your weight gain.


Caryl Ehrlich


January 29, 2014