CHT – Founder,
Awaken Inner Courage Solutions, LLC

Alexandra Valentin

Alexandra is a Corporate Wellness and Mindfullness Consultant. I spent 23 years working as Director of Culture Transformation for The Ritz-Carlton, Hotel Company. Delivered over 2,000 key-notes around the world on leadership excellence.


I am now the founder of Awaken Inner Courage Solutions.


As a Licenced Coach of the breaththrough course “Clarity Catalyst” based on a Stanford University Master’s degree class in transformation; I teach people practical tools that will help them grow from a space of stagnation and overwhelm to one of peace and purpose. I provide you with a crystal-clear blueprint to tap into your creative flow and intuition.

Community & Spirituality

Embracing Uncertainty

Uncertainty is always an opportunity and when embraced, helps us to understand our fears. When we learn how to build a relationship with uncertainty, we build a relationship with the essence of ourselves.


Alexandra Valentin


January 5, 2020