Aaron Day

Aaron Day is Chairman and CEO of Tangerine Wellness. Founded in 2004, Tangerine Wellness is the leading corporate weight-management program that directly rewards employees for losing weight and for maintaining a healthy weight. Tangerine’s interactive weight-loss program has a direct and positive effect on employee healthcare costs, morale and productivity. Tangerine has successfully implemented programs in the manufacturing, financial services, healthcare and government/university entities that are translating into direct healthcare cost-savings. Go to www.tangerinewellness.com for further information.

Business of Well-being

Bending the Cost of Healthcare - Get Paid to Lose Weight

When we debate over healthcare reform, there is a frequent mentioning of bending the healthcare cost curve in the United States. Obesity, which eats up ten percent of the national healthcare costs, it also leads to a loss in productivity and absenteeism caused by over-weight.


Aaron Day


January 29, 2014