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An Integrated Platform for Health and Wellness: The Next Generation of Websites

Corporate wellness and technology are increasingly inseparable: The latter enhances the former by elevating a doctor's presence online (to cite one notable example) and educating prospective patients about relevant news, trends and studies within a particular area of the healthcare industry.

Accomplishing that goal should not require a physician to master various forms of software and coding, nor should it consume valuable hours performing administrative tasks at the expense of helping the sick and empowering the aged. Thankfully, we are in the midst of a renaissance involving the way physicians can easily establish their own respective messaging and outreach to specific individuals.

We are at a moment of economic and technical transformation, where the costs for creating, marketing and mining a website - the trio of services responsible for launching a site, customizing its design and features and capturing data - are affordable and accessible to tens of millions of professionals worldwide.

This "democratization of data" has added value for doctors, since it allows them to analyze essential facts (or have independent experts review this material on their behalf) regarding the interests, search terminology, queries and locales, among many other things, of current or prospective patients throughout the country.

As a matter of promoting corporate wellness, and this rule also applies to companies that want to enjoy the benefits (albeit of a different kind) associated with these resources, we have a chance to broaden the conversation about critical matters of exercise, nutrition, prevention and stress and disease management.

I write these words from experience, where, in my role as Founder of Ocoos, I provide business owners and a diverse array of professionals with the freedom to build their own websites, conveniently oversee operations and better understand the so-called "analytics of the Web."

This leveling of the proverbial playing field is far more than an economic phenomenon; it is a form of personal engagement that can increase efficiency and improve the delivery of essential services for medical patients of every background and condition. For example: By consolidating so many features into one solution - by streamlining so many administrative assignments, from appointments and calendars to patient-specific files and notes - doctors can spend less time within the bureaucracy of day-to-day affairs.

They can eliminate this minutiae altogether, while having a secure and user-friendly method of running their individual offices like a business, without compromising (indeed, they would be strengthening) their ethical duty to offer the best care for each patient.

The Takeaway Lesson: Technology Is the Ally of Better Living

The overriding lesson to this discussion is that the distinction between exceptional quality and affordability is a false choice. In other words, technology continuously advances - there is no interruption in the quest to expand computing power, and build faster, more sophisticated microprocessors and devices - resulting in the freedom (for users) to do more of what they like; to dedicate themselves, as doctors and caregivers, to doing good by doing well; to enjoy the technical resources of even the biggest organizations, as they customize the most personalized treatments for each patient.

So, yes, even the most basic of things - like creating a website - can yield the most substantial returns. Or: Innovative technology begets increased efficiency, which begets superior quality of medical care and more face time with a physician. That model is the foundation for the promotion of both individual health and corporate wellness.

It is a pathway to maximizing the Web - and constructing a web of contacts, such as patients (and patient referrals), medical colleagues, researchers and fellow scientists.It is a plan for success.

About the Author

Dr. Rahul Razdan has over 20 of years executive management experience in a variety of roles in sales, R&D, and marketing. He has authored numerous technical papers and is named on 24 issued patents. Dr. Razdan holds a PhD in Computer Science from Harvard University. For more information, please visit

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