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The Level by FluidStance lets employee engage in motion when they aren't moving at all.

An Employee in Motion Stays in Motion

by Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

When the Corporate Wellness Magazine staff received an opportunity to review a product that would enable us to behave as if we were surfing on a surfboard while working, we said yes with no hesitation. Because we collectively sit all day at our desks—unless…

Worksite wellness gets a leg up from standing desks.

Why Do We Sit for so Long? An Ergonomic Designer Takes the Sitting Disease to Task

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

As ergonomic thought leaders tailor their products and services to the growing needs of employers seeking answers to employee back pain from sitting all day, they hope to do more than mass market their wares—they want to help people regain a sense of…

A woman sitting in the office with back pain

A Sitting Disease Epidemic in the Workplace

Alan Kohll - in Worksite Wellness

“Sitting Disease” is becoming more and more of an issue in our society. This new health issue has arisen as sedentary behavior–sitting at work, watching TV, commuting–now eats up the vast majority of our time. According to Mayo Clinic, 50-70% of people…

Employee eating and talking on the phone from his desk.

Get Up From Your Desk. Sitting is Lethal!

Kim Snider - in Others

We sit. And we sit a lot. We sit in front of the TV. We sit at our desks. We sit in the car. And that’s not good.

An employee at work with back pain

The Sitting Crisis

Chip Mills - in Others

America's work culture is one of sitting in front of a computer screen for hours everyday. The dangers of prolonged sitting are becoming more and more apparent. New trends in some workplaces are designed to combat this. The trend of standing desks not only…

Back pain can have an effect on office productivity.

Pain & Productivity in Today’s Workplace

Rob Danoff - in Others

For many office workers, physical pain is a serious, yet unaddressed health issue. New research from the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) reveals that the majority

A businessman standing in a conference room, staring out at the city of London/.

Establishing a Culture of Incidental Physical Activity in the Office Environment

The typical full-time desk based employee will be required to sit at a desk for approximately 80,000 hours during their working life.

A group of busy employees in an out of focus picture.

A Shift in the Exercise Focus of Corporate Wellness Programs

Dr. Leat Kuzniar, ND - in News & Insights

Many Corporate Wellness programs incorporate employee exercise programs

Five serious looking employees standing around a table.

Corporate Wellness Magazine Exclusive – Standing Up to Improve Employee Health & Wellness

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Corporate Wellness Interviews

Carol Mosser, Sr. HR Administrative Assistant with Oxford College of Emory University,

A stethoscope across the keyboard of a laptop.

Using Technology for Increased Employee Engagement in Health and Fitness Programs

Dave Monahan - in Focused

The biggest contributor to rising US healthcare costs, according to the CDC, is life style choice.

An ominous photo of a chair, with a light bulb above it.

Beware of Your Chair – The Dangers of Sitting

Kaye Kennedy - in Focused

If you are one of the millions of American workers who rush to work every morning just to sit down for 8 to 10 hours you might not want to “sit this one out.”

Sitting in an office all day can be a real pain in the lower back.

Back Pain in the Work Place

Dr. Kathy Gruver - in Focused

In my practice the biggest complaint I hear from clients is, “My back hurts.” When I ask them if they stretch they typically answer “No” or “Not enough”. And most admit to sitting too much

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