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Start with Good People

Lisa Ryan - in Focused

“Start with good people, lay out the rules, communicate with your employees, motivate them and reward them. If you do all those things effectively, you can't miss.”  Lee Iacocca Let’s say you’ve done everything right and you have assembled the ultimate…

A young man at the gym, living a healthy lifestyle

Corporate Wellness Is Personal Wellness: A Primer for Life and Healthy Living

Brad Cummins - in Worksite Wellness

Corporate Wellness Is Personal Wellness Corporate wellness and personal wellness are inseparable just as health insurance and life insurance are the same: Each complements the other, furthering the will to be the master of one's destiny, both physically and…

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Engaging Wellness for your Organization

Mark Roberts - in Others

The big buzz in employee health care for the past two years has been, and continues to be, wellness.

Employees and employers need to slow down to get the most out of wellness.


Todd McGuire - in Focused

The second step of a corporate wellness program, after reaching out to them, is ensuring they remain in the program. If no one stays with the problem, then the money used to create the program was wasted, and you are back at square one. Ensuring your employees…

Making wellness play like a game makes it fun and competitive, giving better results.

Gamification for Wellness

Winston Powell - in Others

No one will use a wellness program if it is boring. By adding elements of a game to your wellness program you will engage your employees, increase results of wellness, and bring your employees closer together. By

Clear, effective communication is the best thing for health.

Maximizing Returns from Benefit Investments with Proper Communication

JJ Summerall - in Economics

“Respondents (to the survey) gave their companies the lowest marks at the most basic employee interaction level – getting employees to understand the cost and value of their health benefits.”

A stack of money with ROI on top made of building blocks.

The Business Case for Wellness Programs

Fiona Gathright - in Economics

Powerful wellness programs educate employees about healthy choices and provide the support and

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Leading Through Employee Adversity

John F. Nichols - in Others

Ask any leader, “What makes you lose sleep at night?” and it should come as no surprise that

An business meeting where a disengaged employee is asleep.

Engaging Wellness for your Organization

Mark Roberts - in Worksite Wellness

The big buzz in employee healthcare for the past two years has been, and continues to be, wellness. The focus on that topic has been almost relentless

A woman holding a video game controller.

Leveling Up Your Corporate Wellness Program: Utilizing Gamification to Make Wellness Fun and Engaging

Tom Abshire - in Focused

More and more organizations are using game mechanics to engage employees and drive behavior change in areas across the organization.

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Recruiting, Retaining & Rejuvenating Employees: Incentivize Top Talent with Voluntary Benefits

Elizabeth Halkos - in Economics

Faced with uncertainty about the potential effects healthcare reform will have on employee benefits,

The Challenge of Product Development for Voluntary Benefits

Roger Schultz - in Others

A speaker at a recent Voluntary Employee Benefits Board conference pleaded with attendees to take a fresh look at their product development processes and commit to significantly improve them.

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