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Smartphones and treadmill desks will be the wellness tools of the future.

Mobile and Online Technology: Bridging the Gap to Lasting Behavior Change

Dr. Robert Grant - in Worksite Wellness

In our increasingly wired technology, communication is enhanced. However, this technology can also be contributed to our nation's worsening health. It is possible to harness this weakness and turn into a strength. By using mobile and online technologies, you…

These tips will get your employees as engaged as these people!

Eight Tips for Increasing Wellness Program Engagement

Dave Monahan - in Worksite Wellness

While it may seem straightforward to get employees to be active physically for only about 30 minutes a day, the fact that nearly two-thirds of Americans don’t achieve this speaks to the need to find new, creative solutions. When program providers and employers…

7 Strategies for Corporate Wellness Success

7 Strategies for Corporate Wellness Success

Fiona Gathright - in Worksite Wellness

Many employers have great intentions when it comes to initiating a corporate wellness program,

A couple deeply engaged in conversation with a therapist.

Successful Engagement Programs Require New-er Age Approach

Adam Kaufman, Ph.D. - in Others

With the 2012 presidential election season in full swing, there is certainly a lot of talk about healthcare reform and what may or may not hinge on the election’s outcome.

A globe , with a sign post on top showing the direction to various countries with their flags across the globe.

Strategies for Success for Global Corporate Wellness Programs

Peter Thomas - in Column

A Follow-up to the 3rd Annual Corporate Wellness Conference & 2nd Annual Global Benefits Conference’s 2011 Educational Session

A golf ball just inches away from the hole. Just like wellness, the ball just needs a nudge.

How a Simple “Nudge” Could Increase Employee Wellness Engagement and Reduce Wellness Program Costs

Prashant Srivastava - in Others

In the drive to increase employee participation in health improvement programs, businesses have rapidly adopted financial incentives as a key strategy for jump-starting employee engagement.

Health Risk Assessment - Yes or No?

Health Risk Assessments – Time and Money Well Spent

Dr. Don Hall - in Worksite Wellness

In response to Lisa Holland’s April 1, 2011 National Healthcare Reform Magazine article,

A a smiling, excited coach with a baseball cap and a whistle.

Digital Health Coaching: Prescription for Improving Corporate Wellness Programs

Kevin Wildenhaus, Ph.D. - in Focused

In 1735, Benjamin Franklin published a letter in The Pennsylvania Gazette, offering his now famous axiom, “An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure.”

A nutritious platter of fresh vegetables.

Nutrition: The Ideal Foundation for Employee Wellness

Michael Tarino - in Focused

When it comes to the health of your employees, diet and nutrition offer an ideal foundation for your organization’s wellness efforts, as they can pay the

A phalanx of uniform stick figures, with one red one standing out from the crowd.

One Size Fits ONE

Brad Cooper - in Focused

The research is in. An effective employee wellness program will provide a 300-600% ROI through decreased health care, sick time and disability costs

Employer are the leaders of change in wellness programs.

Creating a Next-Generation Wellness Program – Why Employers Should Take the Lead and How to Do It

Barbara D. Correll - in Worksite Wellness

Simply put, good health is good business. Experts agree there is a direct correlation between employee health and bottom-line results — and that building

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