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What’s Ahead in Wellness for 2018? Last Year’s Trends Offer Some Answers

To get a sense of what to expect on the employee health and wellness front in 2018, it’s useful to look back on the trends that were gaining momentum last year. To better understand those trends, Optum surveyed 240 human resource professionals in large companies…

A military man with a laptop

Veteran’s Day Tips for Employers: Easing Veterans’ Return to Work

Corporate Wellness Magazine - in Others

Tens of thousands of troops have returned to the U.S. in the past several years after serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. As Veterans Day approaches, it’s a good time for employers to reflect on the importance of hiring veterans and helping them…

A high tech stethoscope

High Tech or High Touch … Why not Both?

Chris Ciatto - in News & Insights

High Tech or High Touch … Why not Both?   Ponder these questions for a moment: Would you like to improve employee engagement in your health and well-being programs? Are you trying to build a culture of health? Is your office environment a barrier to…

Insight into corporate wellness doesn't need to take place in a shady room with a briefcase.

Innovative Strategy Can Yield Faster, Deeper Insights into Wellness Programs

It’s no secret that budget-constrained corporate benefits departments are under increasing pressure from senior management...

Wellness programs promote loyalty, so your employee doesn't need to make a leap of faith.

Healthy Behavior at Work Promotes Loyalty and Drives Savings

An increasing number of companies are implementing wellness programs in an effort to help employees adopt healthy behaviors, increase productivity and tame medical costs.

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