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Positive emotions will have you jumping for joy at work!

The Benefits of Positive Emotions at Work

Dr. Shelly Gable - in Worksite Wellness

Science has long documented the toll that negative emotions such as anxiety, fear and sadness have on our minds and bodies. Recent evidence, however, highlights the previously under appreciated benefits of positive emotions, emotions such as contentment, joy,…

Happiness at work can make the office feel like this.

Happiness At Work

Betty Finney - in Worksite Wellness

April Fools!   We had you going there for a second didn’t we? The Employer Healthcare & Benefits Congress, and Corporate Wellness Magazine are committed to bringing you HR and benefits solutions that actually work. Now that we’ve all had a good…

A smiling woman eating a salad.

The Year of Acceptance – Eating Food for Health & Happiness

Kelly Lavieri - in Others

Being healthy starts from within, which for most of us, self acceptance is hard to find. We can easily console our friends and family when a crisis hits.

A group of employees high-fiving.

Why Employers Should Link Employee Happiness to Greater Success

Jamey Bednez - in News & Insights

Many employers are being challenged to restrain rising health care costs. The realization that the lack

A happy man smiling and giving the camera two thumbs up.

Is it Your Job to Make People Happy?

Dr. Wayne Weiner - in News & Insights

Most of the time I’m brought into companies to deal with all things which affect performance and ails the human mind: anxiety, depression, neurosis, obsessions, paranoia, delusions.

Two business people jumping in the air with happiness in an open field.

GO HAPPY… It Brings Motivation and Productivity into Companies

Betty Finney - in Worksite Wellness

The statistics are rolling in and the research says “yes”.. According to Sonja Lyubomirsky in her book called The How of Happiness,”

Happy employees doing a trust exercise, evidence of lasting trust and cultural change.

How to Make Behavior Change Last

Michael J. White - in News & Insights

One in five of American adults smoke. Half of the smoking population tries and fails to quit each year. Two thirds of us are overweight or obese and 95% of our diet plans fail. The medical community tells us that 70% of premature death and aging is lifestyle-related…

Stick figures working together to raise the trend toward positive results.

A Positive Mindset Leads to Positive Results

Joyce Hyam - in Focused

Companies are focused on the economy, sales, deadlines, competition, costs, insurance, and many other issues especially when the economy is down.

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