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Winning the Powerball is not the Path to Financial Wellness

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“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” -George S. Patton, Jr., Army Commander, World War II People are enamored today, January 13, 2016, with dreams of quitting their jobs, paying off their mortgages and putting away money for…

Financial wellness programs can help employee wellness by reducing stress and helping employees take control of their life.

Beyond the Paycheck: When Does a Financial Wellness Program Make Sense?

With wages flat and health care costs rising, employees are looking to their employers for answers to ease their financial ills. Employees tend to trust their employer more than they do their accountant or stockbroker, according to industry experts who…

Dr. K. Andrew Crighton, chief medical officer, and Maureen Corcoran, vice president of Health, Life and Inclusion at Prudential

Prudential, Inc.: Financial Wellness and Bottom Line

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Prudential Financial, Inc. is a Fortune Global 500 company dealing primarily with financial services like investing and insurance in the United States and 30 countries across the globe. With more than 48,000 employees and total assets of more than $766.65…

A checkup for financial wellness

Why Employers Should Pay Attention to the Financial Wellness of their Employees

Josh Verne - in Economics

Financial stress could be an invisible shackle hampering the productivity of your employees. Stacks of research clearly show that happy, stress-free employees are the most productive. It is in an employer’s best interest to cultivate a positive workplace…

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Corporate Wellness Is Personal Wellness: A Primer for Life and Healthy Living

Brad Cummins - in Worksite Wellness

Corporate Wellness Is Personal Wellness Corporate wellness and personal wellness are inseparable just as health insurance and life insurance are the same: Each complements the other, furthering the will to be the master of one's destiny, both physically and…

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Affordably Creating a Wellness Culture At a Small Company: A Case Study

Andrew Pickens - in Worksite Wellness

Rising healthcare premiums, high claims rates, poor benefit offerings. All of these factors can spell trouble for a small company trying to maintain strong participation in its benefit plans. To target each of these issues, one of the best routes is to implement…

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New Apps Improve Employee Wellness

Nancy Sansom - in Others

Numerous studies show that improving employee wellness decreases employer healthcare costs. In addition, research directly correlates employee benefits with overall employee satisfaction.

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The New Bankruptcy

Courtney Cordero - in Others

It is no secret that many people have contemplated bankruptcy due to the financial strain they are facing.

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Why Employers Should Care about their Employees Financial Wellness

If ever there was an appropriate time to focus on personal financial wellness that time is now.

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Unlock Cash for Financial Wellness

The first step to achieving financial well-being is through optimal health. Today, individuals

Unwrapping Credit Solutions for 2012

Unwrapping Credit Solutions for 2012

Courtney Cordero - in Economics

Holiday shopping has come to an end as the New Year approaches.

A stressed out woman doing her finances, bu having a difficult time.

Employers to help Workforce in Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

Authur J. Cummins - in Economics

When you read the headline to this article I bet you thought the New Years Resolution we would be discussing is losing weight and becoming healthy.

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