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Maureen Young

Maureen Young is a Consumer Education Advocate for ANY LAB TEST NOW®, a healthcare lab testing facility.  She is a writer, health care advocate, and fitness enthusiast driven to explore advances in the health care and medical industries and share her research with the public.
A person with diabetes checking their blood sugar levels with a finger prick test.

Diabetes Management: Corporate Programs Can Make a Difference

Maureen Young - in Worksite Wellness

If you don’t have diabetes, you may assume that managing the disease is a simple matter of staying away from sugar,

A smiling doctor, with a happy family in the background getting their wellness test results.

Baseline Testing in Corporate Wellness Programs Offers Better Results

Maureen Young - in Worksite Wellness

Many corporate wellness programs include incentives for exercise, nutrition and weight loss goals that promote a proactive attitude toward health.

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