Suson Essentials

Jodi L. Suson

Jodi L. Suson, CEO Suson Essentials, MBA, OB, CCWS  

published her story “Informed Choices” in the book Overcoming Mediocrity and is an Best Selling Author, Chairperson 2018 ADAEXPO, Contributor to Woman’s World Magazine, and INC Magazine and is available for public speaking engagements.


In January 2019, Jodi Suson launched the 4-week Doctor Recommended Functional Food Program to jumpstart your health that supports people in 4 ways:

1)    Learning how to navigate the grocery store (in person or online)

2)    Understanding how food will either fuel your health or feed disease

3)    Creating greater mental acuity and energy

4)    Developing self-care techniques so you can function at your full potential. 


In addition, she and her team customizes wellness and leadership programs and connects people to the best health practitioners and leadership professionals for your needs. Jodi can be reached at  or visit the website at