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Jay B. Rea

Jay B. Rea founded TheAcademy.com to produce Internet-based e-training programs for corporate, public and industry training. TheAcademy.com has developed numerous techniques and software systems to effectively train today’s workforce via the Internet, including the Guides to Health, addressing personal health and wellness. For more information, visit www. TheAcademy.com.
A dentist and dental hygenist examining a patient's mouth.

Oral Cancer: An Inside look

Jay B. Rea - in Others

Nearly 36,000 Americans will be diagnosed with oral cancer and another 7,600 will die from the disease

An apple on a teachers desk with a pencil, a blackboard and chalk in the background.

The Role of Education in Health and Wellness Programs

Jay B. Rea - in Worksite Wellness

All across America, corporations are implementing Health & Wellness programs, seeing the immense potential in having a healthier, more productive workforce.

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