Jack Bastable

Jack has 30 years of experience staging successful workplace initiatives to increase the value of human capital for large and small companies and organizations in various industries including, manufacturing, technologies, health care, education, municipalities and professional services.

For the past 17 years, as an employee benefits consultant with CBIZ, a national business services firm, Jack has developed several award winning comprehensive Health and Productivity Management (HPM) strategies for employers that integrate employee health benefits plans and organizational development initiatives that results in lower costs trends, highly engaged workforces workplace cultures of health.

Financial Wellness

2705 Reasons to Change the Culture of Your Company

The question is not whether healthier employees are more productive, how we motivate employees and dependents to change. Employees are not afraid of getting healthy, they are afraid of losing their healthcare but with health reforms, coverage is guaranteed.


Jack Bastable


January 29, 2014