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Dr. Wayne Weiner

Dr. Wayne Weiner is a man of many talents and Interests from history, health, to state of the art business and communication technology. He is the co-founder of Bella Business Solutions, developers of innovative products and services. He has won awards as an innovative strategist and motivational leader and is nationally recognized as an expert change agent who propelled hundreds of for profit, universities and public organizations into exemplar organizations. Dr. Weiner works with many Native American Tribes and is totally dedicated to improving the life of the tribal members. He is an organizational visionary whose analyses and recommendations have successfully fundamentally redesigned the culture of some of this country’s leading organizations. He has a dynamic track record of charismatically influencing change in many people’s poor health habits. He is also an avid writer and author of a science fiction Trilogy and three spy novels.
A busy office lobby in black and white, and out of focus with a magnifying glass over the words "Wellness Mentoring Is Your Companies Competitive Advantage"

Wellness Mentoring is Your Company’s Competitive Advantage

Dr. Wayne Weiner - in Worksite Wellness

There is an old Chinese proverb that states, “No matter how far you've walked down the wrong road, stop!” It is time for companies to stop squandering away their competitive resources and true business advantage.

A happy man smiling and giving the camera two thumbs up.

Is it Your Job to Make People Happy?

Dr. Wayne Weiner - in News & Insights

Most of the time I’m brought into companies to deal with all things which affect performance and ails the human mind: anxiety, depression, neurosis, obsessions, paranoia, delusions.

A stick figure falling in a trap door, to be replaced by an identical figure.

Replacement Insanity

Dr. Wayne Weiner - in Focused

Insanity comes in all kinds of packages and degrees. We have all witnessed vanity insanity when an aging middle aged man comes to a board meeting with a bad dye job and doesn’t think anyone will notice.

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