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Powerful Women in Corporate Wellness - Tory Burch

Because wellness is so often associated with strength, what do strong women offer to the world of wellness? What strong women offer their families, their work and communities when it comes to wellness can be life altering. Women who with dogged determination engage their priority wheel-those facets of their lives that synch themselves and the people around them together-with grace, gusto and professionalism are women Corporate Wellness Magazine wants to honor.

The points on the priority wheel include family, business, philanthropy, personal well-being and faith. To research nominees for the 2016 Warrior in Women's Wellness Award required digging deeper into the foundation of what makes today's women grow and succeed in their lives as women and leaders.

The power players are obvious-Sheryl Sandburg, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama and Arianna Huffington- the list goes on. Women who work in wellness need these powerful women who both young and old women can look up to for their pursuit of excellence. They teach us humility, how to grieve, how to be relevant, how to care and so much more. Female public figures have the huge responsibility of role models who are called upon to make strides for women around the globe.

Collective conversations among Corporate Wellness Magazine staff led us to honor Tory Burch, the creative women's clothing designer who brings relevant design that transcends age with her new sportswear line, filling the needs of today's active, fashion forward, powerful women. The collaboration between Tory Burch and Fitbit brings beautiful jewelry to wearable technology.

Tory Burch balances her billion-dollar fashion empire with her family and personal time-the women in our wellness workplace balance work, family and personal time, too. She works out at six o'clock in the morning otherwise, she says, it does not happen, according to a recent interview she gave to Shape Magazine.

She invests in what is important to her- her family, her business, her philanthropy, her health and her faith. She goes on to defend her recent stance on celebrating Christmas and Easter with her family while raising her children to know they are half-Catholic and half-Jewish.

Seven years ago, in 2009, Tory Burch launched her foundation to help female entrepreneurs harness their ambition through mentorship and microfinance. In partnership with Bank of America, female entrepreneurs have a place to go to gain fiscal support for their dream business.

"There's always a stigma attached to the world 'ambition' and women. I've embraced it. Ambition is not a four-letter word and women have to embrace that," Tory said in an interview for OpenForum.

Corporate Wellness Magazine salutes Tory Burch, for her fitness line and for the work she does in keeping women healthy. Moreover, women in wellness like Tory Burch are those women we want to celebrate as they run to ambition rather than from it!

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