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When the Pandemic Becomes Endemic: How Precision Health Helps Retain Employees Amidst the Great Resignation


As your company executes on 2022 objectives, you – like many HR leaders – may find yourself asking: What can I do to improve employee retention?

In the midst of the Great Resignation, it's a vital question. Over 4 million employees have been quitting their jobs per month. With COVID becoming endemic and continuing to affect stress and burnout, it's more important than ever to let employees know they're valued. According to the Wall Street Journal, "The shift by workers into new jobs and careers is prompting employers to raise wages and offer promotions to keep hold of talent."

Beyond these go-to solutions for employers to bolster their workforce—what other creative strategies can you use in 2022 to help show employees you really care?

Precision Health Supports Workforce Resilience

Here's something to consider. A shocking 1 in 2 Americans are affected by diabetes, prediabetes, and/or clinical obesity. These chronic conditions are both costly and challenging to manage. For a significant number of employees, they may require balancing an invisible second job on top of work and family responsibilities, all whilst being in year 3 of COVID.

According to one survey, 78% of employees have said they are more likely to stay with their employer because of their benefit program. Given the widespread prevalence of diabetes, can you imagine the impact on retention if employees had a benefit that taught them how to keep their blood sugar in check without additional meds or strict diets?

DayTwo's solution, which includes personalized food recommendations based on gut microbiome profiling and AI, offers incredible potential for reducing medications and improving health outcomes in your workforce. This is especially relevant during the pandemic, during which rates of diabetes have risen sharply. Clearly, traditional approaches to metabolic disease haven't been working.

But what if your most vulnerable employees could learn exactly how to eat according to their individual biology? What if they could improve their health by being able to predict their individual blood sugar response to food—before even taking a bite? Imagine how useful this would be in terms of easing employee burnout and boosting workforce resilience during the pandemic.

DayTwo Builds Employee Trust

Based on 10 years of scientific research, DayTwo's groundbreaking precision health has been clinically proven to lower A1C levels, improve Time-in-Range, and reduce or eliminate prescription medications for employees. Given personalized nutrition recommendations and the ability to search over 1 million food items, employees can keep their blood sugar from spiking. With ongoing dietitian support, they are empowered with the tools they need to make lasting behavior change. Best of all? Because they can eat the foods they love, they stick with it!

With DayTwo, you can help employees know you're invested in them and inspire trust in return. To schedule a free demo and learn how our program can help employees with diabetes feel and work better, visit:

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