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Technological Wellness Equals Corporate Wellness: The Integral Connection

There can be no corporate wellness without technological wellness. There can be no way to encourage, track, or communicate with and correspond to workers, when an online health initiative succumbs to the chaos of faulty security, unreliable and vulnerable (to attack) servers, and a digital backbone that is more like an invertebrate version of primitive "technology": A spineless and unaccountable data center or web hosting business, in which customer service is an afterthought, privacy is a joke and sales supplant standards of decency, respect and professionalism.

While the above description is, sadly, more the norm than the exception, there are firms that refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity; that make excellence a priority, and have no patience for excuses involving errors both major and minor; that understand that technology is the medium and facilitator of information about corporate wellness, and deliver on that promise to be the backbone for a business. One company that honors that pledge is, which provides web hosting, domain names, virtual and dedicated servers, and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection.

I cite for two reasons, but let me first disclose that I am not an employee of, a consultant to or an investor in this business. I am, however, someone who appreciates the connection between smart technology and innovative wellness campaigns throughout Corporate America. Thus, when so much of the material companies produce and distribute is online, and when so much of this content originates online - when we write, edit and design something on one platform, and then transfer it to or from one cloud to another - everything we do, and everything we compose on behalf of the cause of corporate wellness, depends on the reliability of a website, the security of a dedicated server and the insight of a talented group of technical experts.

Secondly, recognition of these facts means not every company has the resources and staff to ensure the high-quality services responsible for promoting corporate wellness. Put a different way, if a virus can penetrate a firewall and infect the digital infrastructure of a business, then there is little hope for educating workers - there is little guarantee of teaching them online - how to avoid contracting viruses such as influenza, whooping cough or even measles.

Where sets a worthy precedent, and the reason I believe this business "gets it," involves the emphasis on personalization. That is, technology is often a cold and abstract concept; it is a remote subject, too, prone to unflattering portrayals in popular culture and an easy scapegoat for consumers' frustration with the modern world.

Now, imagine a technology partner infused with a sense of humanity. Picture the sight of a responsive expert, patient by temperament and comforting by the sound and answers of his or her replies to a client's queries, who has a genuine interest in your wellness program and its online features and benefits.

That is the technology necessary for the promotion and success of corporate wellness. It is the elevation of man over machine, so to speak; which is to say, you can (like have the best hardware and the most advanced systems - you can highlight the speed and strength of your machinery - but that equipment is meaningless without the men (and women) that bring these things to life.

That is technology with a human face.It is also the face of corporate wellness, an optimistic and resolute image of leadership.It is the reassuring icon of professional trust and personal integrity.It is all corporate wellness can and should be because it is everything technology must be.

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Lewis Fein is an independent marketing and media relations consultant, based in Southern California. You may reach him at

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