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Survey Highlights State of Wearables in the Workplace

The recently released The State of Wearables in the Workplace survey, conducted by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association provides readers a unique glimpse into how employers currently use and think about wearable devices in the workplace.

"We are thrilled to offer a snapshot of the employer use of wearable devices right now," said Rene-Marie Stephano, President of the CHWA. "This information is a great tool for any player involved in wearable devices, from the wellness manager tasked with creating and fostering the program to the manufacturer who needs to know what employers need."

Key findings for The State of Wearables in the Workplace include:

Nearly two-thirds of employers do not currently offer, or plan to offer, wearable devices in their corporate wellness programs.

Almost a third of employers consider lack of knowledge a primary factor that has kept them from implementing wearables in the workplace.

More than three-quarters of employers indicate they want to accomplish increasing their users' physical activity if they were to implement a wearable program.

The survey finds that, while growing, the wearables industry suffers from a crucial lack of knowledge from employers. This finding extends beyond an aversion to new technology, and includes uncertainty about future returns. No company wants to spend upwards of millions of dollars on a device or program that will not save them money.

Until more case studies and research are committed, employers will not be able to prove these devices work for them and are worth the investment. The catch is this, this information will not come until more employers begin using wearables and sharing their findings, increasing the pool of data and ultimately answering the ROI question.

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