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How to Create a More Environmentally Sustainable Office for Your Employees

Raymond Chiu
Director of Operations
Maid Sailors

A neglected work environment often leads to negative effects, which is why many people want to support and live a more sustainable lifestyle. People of all nationalities increasingly want to act in environmentally responsible manners – not just because it's better for the Earth, but because it's sustainable.

Manager may also want to incorporate more sustainable practices at their offices. Many green practices, such as trash management, can be economical. Many organizations should be conscious of this shift as they learn to learn to adapt to this new age of sustainability.

With that in mind, below are some sustainable practices you can implement in your office environment that will appeal to both your environmentally conscious employees and your pocketbook.

Replace Incandescent Lights with LED bulbs

The great thing about acting with environmental sustainability in mind is that you also become more energy efficient.

In the corporate world, energy efficiency means that you are not spending ton of money paying for electricity bills when you could have more for less. Office lighting is often a target for increaed energy efficiency.

If you still have fluorescent lights in your office, then you're not using the most energy efficient lighting fixtures on the market. You should instead replace them with LED light bulbs so that you are sure that they save you energy and money.

Add Plenty of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants can make your office greener, both literally and metaphorically.

By including greenery in your office, you are improving the indoor air quality. This improves the overall health of the people in the office.

Aside from that, indoor plants make your office much more attractive, and it boosts the mood of everyone around it. Do make sure that the plants you use are suitable for the situation in your office. You want it to last for a long time so make sure that it will last even if there is no one in the office during the weekends.

Limit Cooling and Heating

One of the common problems that employees struggle with while in their office is the temperature. For some people, the office is too cold; for others, the office could be humid.

Finding a balanced temperature is a tough job. However, relying on your air conditioning system is actually bad for the environment. To address this unsustainable practice, try and limit the cooling and heating of your office thermostat.

Make sure that you maintain your air conditioning system so that it consumes as little energy possible and doesn't waste money for you.

Set up a composting station

A composting station can make an interesting addition to a more sustainable office environment.

Having a program where you compost all of the waste that you generate in the workplace is a great way to reduce the trash that you sent off to landfills. This type of inclusion in your workplace is especially important if you deal a lot with food.

Composting and recycling go hand-in-hand; it's a great way to manage your wastes while creating a result that will be beneficial to you and others in the future.

Use reusable products

If your office pantry is filled with all sorts of disposable utensils or products, it might be time to make an upgrade.

A lot of disposable utensils are found floating away in various bodies of water, and you may not want to contribute to that.

Instead, you should try and use reusable products as much as possible, especially for dining in the office. Replace all your utensils like forks, knives, spoons, bowls, mugs, and all that. That way, they can wash the utensils when they are done instead of throwing everything away.

Leverage green cleaning products

The cleaning products that people use in their office and in their homes tend to be very toxic and bad for your overall health. Aside from that, aerool and other products can also be bad for the environment.

On that note, you should definitely convert your commercial cleaning products into their greener alternatives. These can be available in stores, or you can make them yourself.

Cut down on paper use

Even though our society is more dependent on modern technology than ever before, many offices still rely on paper or other forms of tangible documentation. Not only can the use of paper build clutter in the office, but it's also not a secure way to save information. That's before you consider the environmental impact of using hundreds of reams of paper every day.

When possible, try and digitalize everything.

Install aerators

Another thing that people tend to waste is their water supply, both at home or in the office.

If you want to be able to save more water or reduce your water usage, you should consider installing aerators in all your faucets and sinks in the office. Aerators help control the flow of water that comes out of your sinks or faucets.

Encourage a green commute

Commuting to your busines location by using a private car contributes to gas emissions that are not safe for the environment. Private vehicles are also responsible for a lot of the road congetion and city traffic that often complicates a work day.

Consider encouraging your employees to commute using public transportation or carpools. You can even incentivize those that bike or walk to work.

There are plenty of ways you can create more sustainable actions inside of your organization. Not only is it a good business practice, but it is also a great way of contributing to the improvement of your environment. Your employees will definitely appreciate this shift.

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